2021 Vestry Nominees

We are excited to introduce the current candidates for the Vestry in 2021! While the deadline for the 2021 Vestry election has been extended through Friday, November 27, we wanted to share a little about the candidates. You can learn even more about them on st-peters.org. Here are their answers to “What does St. Peter’s mean to you and why are you willing to serve on the vestry?”:

Natalie Glover
St. Peter’s to me is a place where I have been called to examine my conscience, consider the experiences of others and seek comfort in the fellowship of those who bring alternate points of view. I absolutely adore worshipping with folks of all ages, from varying backgrounds and cultures. I have also benefitted from our clergy’s keen intellect, historical biblical context and relevant homilies. One of my longstanding complaints with our current culture is the overall portrayal of churches and Christians as rigid, judgmental and science denying. I’m proud to raise my children in an institution that’s helping to rewrite the prevalent narrative and this is why I’m keen to serve on the vestry. I believe that we’re uniquely positioned within our community to continue the wonderful work that’s already under way while expanding our efforts to minister to the marginalized.

Mary Gotschall
I recently moved back to Charlotte, after living in London for the past two years. I was very involved in St. Peter’s before I moved, and it has been so wonderful to return to St. Peter’s, even in a virtual capacity. I love the worship and our choir, and I love how welcoming St. Peter’s is. I have gotten so much from my involvement at St. Peter’s, including formation and friends made through the Young Adult ministry, the Parish retreat, and even from sitting near each other on Sundays. Because St. Peter’s has given me so much, I am willing to serve on the vestry to be able to get more involved with my church home and to give back a little bit of what I’ve received.

Katie Nelson
St. Peter’s is my church home. I was baptized, confirmed, and married at St. Peter’s. My daughter was baptized in the same font where I was baptized. There have been many ups and downs during my years at St. Peter’s but I am always drawn back no matter what I do. The vision of St. Peter’s is to be a place of unconditional welcome and a beacon of God’s love. St. Peter’s has been that for me and so much more for so many years. I hope that by serving on the Vestry, I can work to ensure that St. Peter’s can be a place of love, light, and joy for other people for many generations to come.

Matt Sharp
St. Peter’s is our beloved community based on justice for all of God’s people, equality for each part of the the Body, and love for every expression of God’s Creation. I have benefitted from the hard work and dedication of our vestry over the past nine years. I now feel the call to step up and serve the whole parish.

Nominate a candidate online st-peters.org/nomination.