Advent: A Time to Watch and Wait

Lyn Holt

As we begin Advent, I find myself pondering the ways in which Covid-19 has changed our days involuntarily: requirements to shelter at home, a slower pace to our lives. But, this pandemic has also afforded us the time and opportunity to observe Advent more fully than usual.

This time of Advent, the four weeks before Christmas, has become more and more important to me over the years, even though I rarely seem to take the time I want to observe this special season. So maybe the Coronavirus and its effects have given me, and all of us, the opportunity to slow down a bit – to watch and wait for the Christ child to enter our hearts, minds, and lives as we ponder His coming.

In one of my favorite books, a book of Advent poems called Kneeling in Bethlehem, Ann Weems says, “Our God is the One who comes to us in a burning bush, in an angel’s song, in a newborn child…Watch for you know not when God comes, watch that you might be found, whenever, wherever God comes.”

I hope we can all take more time this Advent to wait for and watch for God, as He comes to us as Jesus, while we’re waiting for the virus to end, waiting for the vaccine to come, but above all, for the Christ child to be born again, among us, to lead us to our Father and to the lives we will have as we continue to follow Him.

To aid in your observance of Advent, the youth program has sets of advent candles and wreaths, should you need them. Each set of candles is $8. We also are selling Autobell gift cards ($20) that make excellent Advent or Christmas gifts and help save the earth by using recycled water to clean cars. Contact me at to make a purchase. Your purchase will help our next group of youth pilgrims, who will make their Holy Pilgrimage in the summer of 2023. This pilgrimage provides our youth with the rare and special opportunity to spend time pondering their relationships with Jesus and God and to nurture their spiritual growth and their place in the Church.

Lyn Holt, Director of Youth Formation