Mental & Emotional Health Formation Series

2020 was a difficult year for all of us and 2021 will come with its own challenges, some ongoing and some new. As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, taking care of our mental and emotional health has become increasingly important. At 9:00 a.m. on January 10, 17, and 24 the Adult Forum will feature three mental health providers who are also members of St. Peter’s. Together, they will help us learn to stay well in stressful times. I sincerely hope that you will join us for this important and timely Forum series. Dr. John Hall outlines the series as follows:

The first week will be led by Dr. John Hall and focus on a broad model of wellness called “Whole Health,” championed by the largest healthcare organization in the nation, the Veterans Administration. By considering various areas in which we can maintain some control and learning to let go of those that we can’t control, we can move from worrying about “what’s the matter with us” into a more adaptive “what matters to us” approach.

The second week will be led by Dr. Susan Campbell and will focus on the climate of fear in which we find ourselves. Fear serves a purpose for us—it alerts us to the need to protect ourselves from dangerous situations, and the fight, flee or freeze response has deep evolutionary origins. Chronic fear and anxiety can be debilitating, however, and 2020 served up plenty for us to be anxious about. Join us to learn more about recognizing anxiety gone awry, and ways to support yourself and children well in the year ahead.

The third week will offer a time for all three experts and those participating to share helpful areas to consider and less helpful areas to avoid as we continue to move through this stressful time. Although absolutely not a therapy session, it is the hope that all participants will leave with action-items to consider implementing based on the wisdom in the virtual room.

Our panel of mental health providers consists of:

Susan K. Campbell, PhD, a licensed psychologist and coach with over 30 years of experience in academic, medical, clinical, and non-profit settings. Helping adults and children build self-compassion and resilience, particularly in the face of anxiety, is an area of special interest. Susan has been an active member of St. Peter’s since moving to Charlotte in 2013.

Jan Keny, LCMHC-S, a licensed clinical mental health counselor, now semi-retired after 40 years of working in Charlotte in non-profit and private practice settings. Her practice focus has spanned both young people and adults, working with trauma and major life challenges, most recently helping family members manage the losses, chaos, and adjustments of high conflict divorce. A St. Peter’s member since 1983, she has worked extensively in St. Peter’s ministries, with the Youth Program a special favorite.

John W. Hall, PhD, ABPP, board certified in clinical health psychology and hypnosis. He has been practicing and teaching for more than 25 years and now has the opportunity to help veterans with chronic pain through psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis, tai chi, yoga nidra, and creative pursuits. John has been involved with St. Peter’s since 2000 and has served with the Choir, the Choir School, the Vestry, the Lectors, and the Pastoral Care Team.