A Turn Towards Eco-Justice

Give us all a reverence for the Earth as your own creation, that we may use its resources rightly in the service of others and to your honor and glory. — The Prayers of the People, Form IV

The Creation Care Committee at St. Peter’s has felt a strong call to reinvent itself; we have come home to the Social Justice Ministry as its Eco-Justice pillar. We have come to understand that those who suffer poverty and inequality on our Earth are also the ones most vulnerable to the harsh effects of climate change, pollution, desertification, famine, and biodiversity loss. Ceasing environmental degradation is one way we can love one another.

We are listening to the strong direction of our leaders. The National Episcopal Church is encouraging us all to take the following pledge:

As the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement, we long to grow loving, liberating, life-giving relationship with the whole of God’s Creation. Together, we pledge to protect and renew the Earth and all who call it home. Together, we are living the Way of Love and make this commitment to specific actions.

The Church has made Creation Care one of its 5 priorities, in company with Racial Reconciliation, Ending Poverty, Immigration and Refugees, and Human Rights. It defines Eco-Justice as “The well-being of humankind on a thriving earth.”

The Eco-Justice Pillar will serve to educate and empower us all to advocate and act locally, nationally, and globally towards healing “our common home” as Pope Francis has called the Earth. During the week of May 16, we will provide a two-part series on Regenerative Farming, which is one of our best ways to decrease greenhouse gases. We hope you can also join us in attending the Greening Our Faith Communities Summit sponsored by GreenFaith and several climate organizations.

Our very own Des Keller, who has long experience in listening to farmers as a writer for Progressive Farming, will speak at the Forum on May 16. On Saturday, May 22, we will go on a field trip to the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market to hear from Jamie Davis of A Way of Life Farm about regenerative farming. We will also buy healthy, beautiful produce to give to Roof Above. We are collecting donations to fund the purchase of this produce. Details about making a donation, going on the field trip, and attending the Greening Our Faith Summit are in this week’s news.

The little boy in the picture above is Jamie’s youngest child, Will, playing in one of their fields planted with a multi-species cover crop. This is God’s garden, filled with plants that nourish the soil, each in its particular way, so that the soil feeds us well and draws down lots of carbon. We can help with this carbon draw down by buying from the farmers that do it, by learning how to use some of their tricks in our own yards, and many other ways. Set aside some time during the week of May 16 and learn all about it.

Praise the Lord by cleaning God’s world! Praise the Lord by cleaning our water, cleaning our air! Praise the Lord by saving God’s world. — Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

Nancy Duncan, Eco-Justice Team