Making St. Peter’s Welcoming for Everyone

Wave switch located to the right of the exterior door at Seventh Street.

There are so many things to love about the historic building and property at 115. W. Seventh Street in Charlotte. The beautiful stained glass windows for example, the incredible gardens, and our location in the center of uptown Charlotte.

As I get to know the building and surrounding grounds, I’m learning that there are also some challenges in caring for, and opening the doors to, our hundred-year-old home. At the top of the list: how challenging it can be to access the building. Our strategic plan addresses this in Goal 4: Our Home, by stating that we want to “enhance church and parish house spaces to reflect our diversity and inclusion values and to improve physical accessibility and functionality.”

As we look to the future, accessibility is clearly a priority.

It’s also a priority right now, and we have been looking for ways to begin improving access, even as we plan on a broader scale for the future. Here are three things we’re making available right away:

  • The Parish House doors at Seventh Street are now equipped with an automatic feature that allows you to open them by waving your hand across a switch. This wave switch is located to the right of the outside door and another to the right of the door inside.

  • We are working in partnership with Discovery Place to offer Sunday morning parking in the lot located to the right of our tower on Seventh Street. Our plan is to provide a limited number of spaces for parishioners and guests who display a NCDOT disabled parking placard, on a first-come first-served basis. Please contact Leigh Dixon ( if you are interested in more information about this new service.

  • We are now offering accessibility tours of the property to people who would like to preview the ins and outs of navigating the building. Beginning in the parking deck, this guided tour includes how to get from parking to the church, how to access the Parish House and the Church from Seventh Street and from Tryon Street, a tour of accessible seating, use of the lift, and more. Please contact Allison Elrod ( for more information about this tour.

Last, please feel free to reach out to me if you’ve got questions or ideas about how we can make St. Peter’s more welcoming to everyone in the community. You can reach me at or 704-749-6144.

Ernest Jackson, Facilities Manager