Planned Giving at St. Peter’s

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

Over the summer, St. Peter’s Endowment received three gifts in bequests, totaling more than $90,000. Two of these donors were members of our 1834 Legacy Society, which recognizes individuals who have included St. Peter’s in their wills. These thoughtful gifts will be added to the corpus of the endowment which is intended to remain untouched into the future. Earnings from the endowment are used to fund community outreach grants to organizations such as Crisis Assistance Ministry, RAIN, and Thompson Child & Family Focus, and to supplement the budget for upkeep and costly maintenance on our cherished church buildings.

As our endowment grows from gifts such as these, the amount of money we have to invest in our community, our campus, and our programs grows as well. If you have not included St. Peter’s in your estate planning, won’t you consider it now? In this way, you join others of the St. Peter’s 1834 Legacy Society in having a lasting impact on this place we all love so much.

Steve Bentley, Chair – St. Peter’s Planned Giving Committee

Legacy gifts can be any amount and may be in the form of cash, stock, life insurance proceeds, 401(k) accounts, pension accounts, and or real estate. For more information on how to include St. Peter’s in your estate plan, contact Allison Elrod at