2024 Annual Campaign

Dear People of St. Peter’s,

As I pondered the content of this letter, I thought I would start with a question: What is God calling us, St. Peter’s, to do as we look forward to our next year together?

It’s an important question, and one that we will all likely answer in a somewhat different way. The theme, though, in all our answers would be this: We are called to be good and faithful stewards of our historic home in uptown Charlotte. We’re committed to the programs that form our children in faith, as well as the programs and ministries that offer adult parishioners inspiration and perspective. Certainly, we strive to share our abundance to ease the way for our neighbors who are hungry, homeless, or in need of care. Finally, we would all say we share a bond through our liturgy, our music, and our fellowship. These are all vital parts of our life together as a community of faith.

Here is another question. What is God calling you to do? How will you invest in the life of St. Peter’s in 2024? What gifts do you feel called to share? Where will your generosity impact our parish family, community, and the world?

We are all stewards of what God has given us. How will we share it and invest in our Parish? As we begin to look forward to 2024, I invite you to begin by making a pledge of financial support. Pledges are an important planning tool for our clergy, staff and lay leadership. They help us set a budget so we can discern how we will carry out our ministry in the coming year, and allow us to set priorities.

When you pledge you simply make an estimate of what you plan to contribute over the course of next year. You can make your pledge on our website, by calling the parish office, or by returning a printed pledge card (available at both doors of the church.) If you have questions, you can reach out to me at 704-806-1709 or jburic@jmdlaw.com, or to Allison Elrod, our Director of Stewardship, at 704-749-6156 or aelrod@st-peters.org.

I want to personally thank you for the many ways you give. This is an amazing place; a place full of love and compassion. I am grateful to all of you for continuing to make St. Peter’s a spiritual home for so many, and for constantly giving in all the ways you do. Thank you for considering this important act of faith.


John Buric, 2024 Annual Giving Campaign Chair