Anxiety and Mercy

Change in and of itself is neither good nor bad, it’s just different. There is benefit in accepting that some things in our lives have changed. When we are able to accept change, we become much more resilient, and better able to adapt to what life has presented to us.

Everyone Counts

An accurate count is more crucial than ever to the benefit of millions of citizens. If you have not already completed your census questionnaire, please do so as soon as you can. The online survey is at

Seeing things through God’s Eyes

To travel the journey that is Holy Week is to see the world with new eyes: that is, seeing things as they are through the eyes of God. To do so means that everything has new meaning and purpose. Holy Week confirms that suffering is real, but it’s not the end of the story. It says that human behavior isn’t the only thing we can count on.

Join Daily Morning or Evening Prayer Virtually

The Daily Office gives us a way to acknowledge our reliance on God as we start our day and as we end our day. With the help of technology, we can continue to gather in this way and keep structure in our days. It can be a ray of light that helps to penetrate the darkness.