Elizabeth Lenti

Serenade 2021 – The Choir School at St. Peter’s

As we planned for what we knew would be an unusual season, it became clear that Serenade needed to be part of that season. Though it will look different this year, Serenade 2021 will once again bring together friends of the Choir School, whose support is what continues to make our important work possible. We are excited to share our plans with you, and we hope you will plan to join us.

Art and the Human Spirit

St. Peter’s Choir meets weekly by Zoom to check in with each other. It’s an important and meaningful time, but it doesn’t lessen the loss of our weekly rehearsals and Sunday ministry. As we wait for the day to come when we can sing together again, I hope that we will all continue to seek out those things that feed our souls. They are more important now than ever.

The Music of Transfiguration

Join us this Sunday for an awe-inspiring musical experience of Transfiguration. Blending with the organ and choir, King’s pre-recorded sounds create an other-worldly, ethereal quality that invites us to experience this familiar story in a new way.