Jacob Pierce


On this Feast of the Baptism of our Lord, may we remember our identity as Beloved children of God, redeemed in the waters of baptism and marked as Christ’s own forever.

Restoration of the St. Peter’s Aumbry

This Sunday, our diocesan bishop, the Right Reverend Sam Rodman, will visit St. Peter’s to baptize, confirm, receive, and reaffirm new Episcopalians. During his visit he will also bless the new aumbry. “But what is an aumbry,” you might ask?

Becoming Episcopalian Course

The Becoming Episcopalian course, beginning this Sunday at 12:30 p.m. in the Library, is an annual class for adults preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation, for Reception, or for Reaffirmation. It is also a great opportunity to simply learn more about the Episcopal Church and the Anglican tradition. I hope those interested will join us for this annual formation opportunity.

“Tu es Petrus”

This parish is a rock and a steady beacon of God’s love in the heart of Charlotte. Like Peter, we are a symbol of unity and a sign of what is possible in God’s kingdom. I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the bright future of our shared mission and ministry.

Welcoming Matt Williams & Staff Update

It is my pleasure to welcome Matt Williams as our 2019 Diocesan intern. I am grateful to each member of the staff for their commitment to this place. I hope you’ll join me in celebrating their talent and hard work.

Reflections on Youth Pilgrimage

I recently returned from a 10-day pilgrimage with our youth. Our journey to London, Canterbury, Bayeux, Chartres, Normandy, and Paris was a spiritually enriching experience for all. The lives of the nine youth pilgrims and five adult pilgrims will be forever changed by this experience.

The Holy Trinity: A Model for Loving Community

The Apostle Paul gives us the metaphor of the Body of Christ to represent the Church. As St. Paul so eloquently explains, it takes many members to make one body. It takes each of us, in our varied expressions, to constitute this body at St. Peter’s.

Drawing the Circle Wider

What fruit of the spirit do you see in your neighbors outside of our faith community? What gifts might they offer the Church? As each of us are confronted with the human impulse to exclude, may we choose to draw the circle wider, erring on the side of inclusion, and remembering that God has never created a person God does not love.

Love Will Not Fail

Our Lord’s victorious triumph over the grave is not a sentimental symbol, but a clear and distinct sign of this simple Easter truth: Love will not fail.