Jacob Pierce

St. Peter’s COVID-19 Update

While this season is difficult for each of us in a variety of ways, keeping physical distance is an act of love. We are still loving one another, though we cannot physically embrace.

Update from the Priest-in-Charge

I am reminded each day how blessed I am to serve this community. Your creativity and support mean so much to me and to our staff in this season of uncertainty. Though we are physically distant, our spiritual connection as the Body of Christ remains strong.

Go back to the beginning: an Easter message

This Easter, in a time of social distancing and global turmoil, Jesus is inviting us to meet him at the beginning. We are being invited to remember when we first met Jesus, when our lives were upended, when we first knew we were loved. Perhaps in going back to the beginning, in remembering where it all started for each of us, then we will be able to share the good news of Easter with our neighbors who need to hear a word of hope.

A Note about Communion

Some parishioners have asked about taking communion during this time of physical separation. Learn more about “Spiritual Communion,” an early practice of the Church.


On this Feast of the Baptism of our Lord, may we remember our identity as Beloved children of God, redeemed in the waters of baptism and marked as Christ’s own forever.

Restoration of the St. Peter’s Aumbry

This Sunday, our diocesan bishop, the Right Reverend Sam Rodman, will visit St. Peter’s to baptize, confirm, receive, and reaffirm new Episcopalians. During his visit he will also bless the new aumbry. “But what is an aumbry,” you might ask?

Becoming Episcopalian Course

The Becoming Episcopalian course, beginning this Sunday at 12:30 p.m. in the Library, is an annual class for adults preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation, for Reception, or for Reaffirmation. It is also a great opportunity to simply learn more about the Episcopal Church and the Anglican tradition. I hope those interested will join us for this annual formation opportunity.