Lyn Holt

St. Peter’s Youth Update

Each of our leaders believes in the importance of reminding our youth that the Good Shepherd loves them. We seek to support their parents’ efforts at home and build on the foundation they built in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. We are serious about proclaiming the Gospel for and with our youth.

Advent: A Time to Watch and Wait

I hope we can all take more time this Advent to wait for and watch for God, as He comes to us as Jesus, while we’re waiting for the virus to end, waiting for the vaccine to come, but above all, for the Christ child to be born again, among us, to lead us to our Father and to the lives we will have as we continue to follow Him.

Virtual HUGS Camp 2020

I joined the HUGS staff in 2015, mostly to understand the love and transformative experiences our youth describe. I found HUGS Camp to be God’s Kingdom on earth, where one can experience the world as God intends it to be.

“Reach Out with your Heart”

Worrying has been affecting me in ways that are new for me. And, because I’m such an extrovert, I find my comfort and joy in being with those I care about, like our St. Peter’s family. So where does this new Season leave me and you, if you are worried, too?

Rite 13 Liturgy Celebration this Sunday

This Sunday we celebrate the Rite 13 Liturgy, a rite of passage in our young peoples’ lives, as well as a special occasion for them, for their parents, and for the parish. Your support plays a part in this journey. By joining in Sunday’s liturgy, you join in the celebration of this journey to adulthood.

Caring for Those in Our World

We owe it to our friends and neighbors to share with them the good news of Christ through our worship services, our formation programs and our in-reach and outreach opportunities. Join me in inviting others to experience what we have.