Lyn Holt

A Holy Pilgrimage

Following intense preparation, 17 youth pilgrims embarked on a long-awaited Pilgrimage with five dedicated adult leaders. After riding in vans, planes, subways, and buses, our group arrived in Rome at the first of four convents, where our rooms overlooked St. Peter’s Square and Vatican City.

Holy Pilgrimage for our Teens

Our Youth Formation program’s mission is to provide St. Peter’s youth with opportunities for spiritual growth, personal development, and Christian fellowship in a caring, safe Anglican environment.

Pilgrims Give Thanks

While on pilgrimage, our youth truly experience and make every attempt to live into the old adage, “tourists make demands, pilgrims give thanks.”

Summer is here!

From St. Peter’s youth Patrick Knip: “you all have made growing up so wonderful, and I can never repay you.”