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An Update from The Choir School

In spite of physical separation, The Choir School at St. Peter’s has continued to fulfill its mission by offering virtual check-ins, theory classes, and one-on-one instruction. We have been reminded that, at its core, a choir is about community and connection.

St. Peter’s COVID-19 Update

While this season is difficult for each of us in a variety of ways, keeping physical distance is an act of love. We are still loving one another, though we cannot physically embrace.

Art and the Human Spirit

St. Peter’s Choir meets weekly by Zoom to check in with each other. It’s an important and meaningful time, but it doesn’t lessen the loss of our weekly rehearsals and Sunday ministry. As we wait for the day to come when we can sing together again, I hope that we will all continue to seek out those things that feed our souls. They are more important now than ever.

“Do not let your hearts be troubled.”

We are connecting with the children through weekly prayer table sessions and nightly bedtime readings, but parents are serving as the main formation leaders and teachers. Through faith, attitude toward others, and trust in a loving God, parents are influencing the development of the faith of our children, especially at this time.

Wandering in the Wilderness

My prayer is that we can use this time in the wilderness both as individuals and as a nation to clarify where our priorities are and who we want to be as people. Don’t just look backward with rosy glasses. Use this time of wandering in the wilderness to learn and grow so that when we enter the promised land, it will indeed be better than what we left behind.

Update from the Priest-in-Charge

I am reminded each day how blessed I am to serve this community. Your creativity and support mean so much to me and to our staff in this season of uncertainty. Though we are physically distant, our spiritual connection as the Body of Christ remains strong.

Our Road to Emmaus

These disciples found Christ in the midst of the ordinary act of a meal – may we also have “aha” moments of recognition and continue to see his presence in our everyday lives.