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“Reach Out with your Heart”

Worrying has been affecting me in ways that are new for me. And, because I’m such an extrovert, I find my comfort and joy in being with those I care about, like our St. Peter’s family. So where does this new Season leave me and you, if you are worried, too?

The Lenten Fast that Nobody Wanted

As we live through this strange Lenten social fast that nobody wanted, I hope that we can spend some time with the disciples as they too struggle to adapt to a new normal. I hope that we can trust that “this too shall pass” and on the other side will be resurrection. It may not be on our desired timeline, but it will be. Please know that you all are in my prayers; please keep the clergy and staff of St. Peter’s in yours.

Special Project with Samaritan’s Feet on Maundy Thursday, April 9

On the Holy Thursday of this year we will have the opportunity to commit ourselves to Christ-like loving not only within the privacy of our worship space, but also in the heart of Charlotte, where we live and serve. On Thursday, April 9 in the Parish Hall, and in cooperation with Samaritan’s Feet volunteers from our congregation and our partners across the city, we will work together to ensure that the feet of 200 of our neighbors at the Uptown Men’s Shelter are bathed and properly protected with new, well-fitting shoes.

Caring for Our Historic Home

We are truly blessed at St. Peter’s with three beautiful buildings and a lovely memorial garden. These facilities provide us with a multitude of work, education, worship and fellowship spaces. In the coming weeks you will see some changes being made to our church.

Rite 13 Liturgy Celebration this Sunday

This Sunday we celebrate the Rite 13 Liturgy, a rite of passage in our young peoples’ lives, as well as a special occasion for them, for their parents, and for the parish. Your support plays a part in this journey. By joining in Sunday’s liturgy, you join in the celebration of this journey to adulthood.

The Music of Transfiguration

Join us this Sunday for an awe-inspiring musical experience of Transfiguration. Blending with the organ and choir, King’s pre-recorded sounds create an other-worldly, ethereal quality that invites us to experience this familiar story in a new way.