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Mental & Emotional Health Formation Series

2020 was a difficult year for all of us and 2021 will come with its own challenges, some ongoing and some new. As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, taking care of our mental and emotional health has become increasingly important. At 9:00 a.m. on January 10, 17, and 24 The Adult Forum will feature three mental health providers who are also members of St. Peter’s. Together, they will help us learn to stay well in stressful times.

Good Tidings of Great Joy!

Christmas reminds us that God comes into the world not with stormy triumph and might, but with quietness, unexpectedly, wrapped in humility and grace. God is revealed not through the birth of kings and generals, but in the face of a poor peasant baby, born in a stable. In a world not too unlike our own, a world filled with uncertainty and fear, God reveals perfect love through the simple and unsophisticated birth of Jesus.

Advent: A Time to Watch and Wait

I hope we can all take more time this Advent to wait for and watch for God, as He comes to us as Jesus, while we’re waiting for the virus to end, waiting for the vaccine to come, but above all, for the Christ child to be born again, among us, to lead us to our Father and to the lives we will have as we continue to follow Him.

Parish Gathering this Sunday

Our Parish Annual Meeting has been an opportunity to celebrate together the year’s accomplishments, reflect on the year that is past, hear from staff and lay leaders about ministry initiatives, and elect a new class of vestry members.