Choirs at St. Peter’s

The St. Peter’s Choir leads parishioners in the weekly worship of God through music and Anglican liturgy. St. Peter’s Choir provides music for special feast days beyond the Sunday morning schedule such as Advent Lessons and Carols, Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and the Great Vigil of Easter concluding with Easter morning.

St. Peter’s Choir has traveled twice to Washington, D.C. (2001 and 2006) to sing at Washington National Cathedral and, with the Choir School at St. Peter’s, recorded a cd “New Music at St. Peter’s.”

Events that define the unique choral community of St. Peter’s Choir include the debut of Michael Sitton’s commissioned work “The Risk of Birth,” performance of J. S. Bach’s baroque masterwork “Magnificat.” Gabriel Fauré’s “Requiem” and annual retreats at Valle Crucis. The addition of our new organ, Fisk Opus 136, has enhanced worship and challenged the St. Peter’s Choir to partner equally with this magnificent instrument.

United with the choirmasters under the mission of leading the congregation with beautiful music, The St. Peter’s Choir is a very warm, friendly and welcoming community. Regularly meeting for social gatherings away from rehearsals, celebrating birthdays and supporting each other during times of unusual stress are some of the ways bonds of friendship are strengthened, blending these individuals into a community.

St. Peter’s Choir rehearses weekly for two hours on Thursday evenings and one hour weekly on Sunday mornings. Additional rehearsals are scheduled during the church year to prepare for the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. Independent preparation is at the chorister’s discretion and is always advisable.

In the fall, the St. Peter’s Choir travels to Valle Crucis in the N.C. mountains for a weekend choir retreat.

Repertoire prepared by the St. Peter’s Choir is serious and challenging. Choristers need a good command of music reading dynamic interpretation and rhythm. Choristers must also have the ability to go beyond the notes, to give phrase shape and meaning –to tell the story-as they sing.

The St. Peter’s Choir consists of approximately 40 volunteer choristers and 4 section leaders. Each Sunday and on Special feast days, the choir leads worship at St. Peter’s.

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