Established in 1955, the St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Endowment Fund, Inc. is managed by the Finance Committee of the Endowment Board of Trustees to provide long-term capital that ensures that the ministries that define the mission and values of the parish will continue far into the future. Gifts that come to the parish through Planned Giving become part of the St. Peter’s Endowment. *A link is provided below to receive donations in memory or honor of someone. Steve Bentley serves as Chairman of the Planned Giving Committee and collaborates with Endowment Chairman, Bill Williamson on this ministry. To learn more about Planned Giving and the 1834 Legacy Society, email Steve Bentley.

The St. Peter’s Endowment Board of Trustees and Terms:

Ms. Kristin Hills Bradberry.
Chairman of the Board of Trustees and President of the Corporation

Mr. P. Daniel Woodall,
Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Vice President of the Corporation

Ms. Laura Meyer Wellman,
Secretary of the Board of Trustees and of the Corporation

Mr. Sam Bowles,
Treasurer of the Corporation

Mr. Marcus Clarke

Mr. William H. Williamson

Endowment Report: 2021 Annual Meeting of the Parish
Kristin Hills Bradberry, Chair, Endowment Board of Trustees 

In 1955 some farsighted Parishioners established The St. Peters Episcopal Church Endowment Fund, Inc. to provide a way for people to leave a legacy to our Church through planned gifts during and after their lifetime.  The mission is to support St. Peters Church by increasing the Endowment through Planned Gifts and appreciation of the investments. Over the last 65 years the Endowment has been critical to enhancing the work of the Parish in outreach, capital improvements and in the two Capital Campaigns – Miracle on 7th Street and Knocking on Heavens Door.

This past year was active in both grants and attention to our investments. It is important to note that the success of the investments is in large part because of the oversight of Bill Williamson and Rick Gross. Special thanks also to the members of the Finance Committee: Sam Bowles, Sam Gardner, Jim Green, Brian Simpson and Bill Williamson.

The value of the Endowment 12/31/20 was $4,335,832. The Endowment also manages the Shannonhouse Fund valued at year end at $374,303. In 2020, 10 college scholarships were awarded averaging $1,500. Total available and expended for 2020 for awards was $15,000. The funds available for 2021 are $16,000. Special thanks to Dan Woodall, who coordinates with the Rector the Student Fund scholarship awards.

The 2021 Endowment grants were as follows:

Total granted $185,000.

The 2021 Trustees of the Endowment appointed by the Vestry are Kristin Hills Bradberry, Chair, Sam Bowles, Marcus Clarke, Laura Wellman, Bill Williamson, Dan Woodall, and Father Jacob Pierce, Ex-Officio.