Listen online

There a number of easy ways to listen to sermons and podcasts online. The list below describes several of them and basic instructions for accessing them.

The iTunes Link Method

The Mobile Podcast Search Method
Open the purple Podcasts app on an iPhone or iPad. Search by tapping on the top right search window and typing in: Sermons @ St.  Tap on “sermons @ st. peter’s, charlotte, nc”  Tap on the larger red door item in Podcasts.  Tap on the Subscribe button.

The iTunes Store Search Method
Open iTunes on your iPhone, iPad, or computer.  In the search area at the top, search: Sermons @ St. Peter’s.  Click or tap on the St. Peter’s red door graphic. Click or tap on the Subscribe button.

The Web Browser Method
Open your web browser on any smartphone, tablet, or computer.  Click on the St. Peter’s Sermon Library: Then click or tap on any sermon you would like to listen to.