2021 Social Justice & Outreach Grants

St. Peter’s has a long-standing commitment to outreach and social justice in our Charlotte community, as part of our vision to be a place of unconditional welcome and a beacon of God’s love in the heart of Charlotte. Annually, the Social Justice & Outreach Grants Committee convenes to review applications and offer grants to not-for-profit partners in the Charlotte region and who address critical needs such as homelessness, food insecurity, immigrant needs, and education. This year, we changed the approach inviting newer nonprofit partners to apply for a grant. In determining the new partners to invite to apply, we focused on the Social Justice pillars of St. Peter’s vision to balance with the Outreach focus of most of the historical nonprofit partners. 

We make annual grants from a $50,000 portion of the St. Peter’s Endowment, and fund grants above this level through the operating budget.  St. Peter’s is making a total of $52,000 in grants this year (st-peters.org/grants2021). We are partnering with new nonprofits that focus on social justice issues like voting rights, ecojustice, racism, and economic mobility and are continuing our relationships with historical outreach partners that align with St. Peter’s strategic priorities, like homelessness, food insecurity, immigrant needs, and education. This initiative allowed us to partner with new organizations that focus on St. Peter’s social justice priorities and continue the existing relationships with our historical nonprofit partners.

The Vestry approved these grants, and we have communicated these awards to the grantees.

Special thanks to the 2021 SJO Committee who participated in this work: Candice Armstrong, Brian Gallagher, Vera Greene, Mary Gotschall, Gwen High, Nelda Leon, Patricia Massey Hoke, Jill Owens, Ann Miano, the Reverend Deacon Robin Sands, and Allison Elrod. If you are interested in serving on this committee in the future, please contact the Reverend Deacon Robin Sands.

We also invite you to share time with these organizations – most welcome volunteers to serve in a variety of ways. In addition to these financial gifts, please join us in lifting up these nonprofit partners in prayer. We pray for the neighbors in need whom they serve, for their employees who are devoted to such important work, and for an end to the issues in our world which cause the need for these nonprofit partners to persist. We give these gifts joyfully and with hope for what they will make possible outside of our church walls.

Mary Gotschall, Vestry Liaison for Social Justice, on behalf of the Social Justice & Outreach Grants Committee