Adult Forums on Faith and Democracy

You may wonder why St. Peter’s is hosting a series on democracy, which will touch upon the role of our government, the rights of citizens, and why voting matters. Our country was founded on a separation of church and state, and the prohibition of the establishment of a national religion, right? So, why would we be talking about voting at church? 

Democracy, where each citizen has the right to vote, has foundations that reflect Christian principles—the belief that each person is worthy of dignity and respect as a child of God. We have the right to have a say in how we are governed, and how our government reflects our values. Each person has the right to make their choice about who will represent them in the lawmaking bodies of government, at the local, state, and federal levels. Being educated in how this happens, and the way the political system works, is thus an appropriate part of Christian education. Workplace safety, environmental protection, food programs for the hungry, and healthcare for the impoverished are just a few programs that exist because people voted for policy makers who support them. Voting is a non-partisan issue, but it is very much a Christian imperative. 

In February, our adult forums will provide nonpartisan information on our role in public policy—why voting matters, what government provides, and exactly why so many are concerned about the future of American democracy. We hope you will join us to see these issues through the lens of our Christian faith and come away with a renewed commitment to have a voice in our government and the services it provides.

This Sunday, January 30 in the Parish Hall, Father Jacob and Jim Dudley will kick us off with a discussion exploring the connection between faith, spirituality, and social justice. This offering is a great opportunity to explore your own faith journey and how each of us are called, in the words of the Baptismal Covenant, to “strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being.” 

Our informative series on Faith and Democracy:

February 6 – Your Vote: Rights, Responsibilities, and the Role of Faith. Representatives from two nonpartisan nonprofits, Common Cause and YouCanVote present an overview of their activities and how St. Peter’s members can assist with voter education, registration, and participation in voting.

February 13 – Why Voting Matters: Local Government Services and Our Community. A diverse, bi-partisan panel will discuss the responsibilities of the three main local government bodies and how they impact our lives each day. Guest speakers include former Charlotte City Council member Edwin Peacock, former Mecklenburg County Commissioner Dr. Wilhelmina Rembert, and former CMS Board of Education member Louise Woods.  

February 20 – Democracy Threatened: The Role We Can Play to Help Save It. The Carter Center has worked for years on election monitoring and nonviolence in countries around the world and is now turning to work in the U.S. Former Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts will discuss the implications of their work. Democracy N.C. will describe their nonpartisan voter protection program that works to ensure every eligible voter in our state can register to vote and successfully cast their ballot.   

We hope you will join us.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts, 
The Reverend Jacob E. Pierce

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