Prayers and Prayer Requests

For the week ending October 21st we are praying for…

For friends of the parish: Margie; Betty; Charlotte; Donna, John, Caroline and Victoria; Kathleen and Bob; Lou; Carl, Jr.; Fran; Chris Hinson; Sarah; Susanne Newton; Bill; Sheri; Kyle Satterwhite and family; Francis; Fred and Laura; Stonie and Wayne; Elizabeth Homer; Kate and Roger Williams; Shirley; Alexia Forbes; Christian; Bill and Julie; Nancy Ring; Libby McManis; Randy and Randi Whitlow; Maria Rodriguez and family; Kirk Jones; Sadie; Jamari Mack; Joan Gross; Kennedy Gray; Kendall Brooks; Nicole Clayton and family; Rosemary Bivins; Tim; Carol Burr and family; Vickie Young; Don Shiffler; Kevin Westerfield; Benjamin Gibson; Hy Agan; Anne; Wanda Kellner; Julia Bellew; Natasha Boyd; Toni and José Rios; Kristen Hutto Teeters; John and Brandie Evans; Judy & Steven Havard; Jimmy Patterson; Joe Strafaci; Cynthia Kelding; Dot Mings; Guadalupe & family; Betsy; Bridge; Terry Thomas; Kathleen O’Connell Tapp; Joanie and Sarah; Connie Landon; Mary Michael Bilbro; Hannah; Gwen; Dolores Rice; Marnie Smith; Shirley Cudabac; Ethan Sisser; Scott Wilson; Margie Stephenson; Rick Baker; Chris Hinson; Kristin Smith; Chris Wannamaker; Keith Kelly; Lisa Blutman; Noreen Suriner; Laura & Matthew McGirt; Amber Wilson; Ellison Graham; Christie Miesell.

For members of the parish: Bill Pfischner; The Reverend Julie Clarkson; Don Philemon; Mildred Campbell; Norma Carroll; Mary Griffin; Bobby Ferguson; Rob Carpenter; Mary Anna Turner; Kristine Wade; Whitney Wade; Marion Byrnes; Tina Coelho; Michael Wright; Lydia Gittens; Lynn; Jeanette Arndt; Betty Little; Trissy Lomax; JB and Brandon Thompson; Marie Robertson; Frank Steele; Gloria Cooper; Steve Thomas; Joyce Warner; Mary Wright; Michael Spivey; Carol Bartos; Rick Harper; Ray McNeely; Vent Casey, III; Will and Erwin Hinson; the David family; Anna-Katherine Howell; Brian Griffin; Susan Dosier; Chuck Maye; Pat and Dick Markel; Linda Gallehugh; Callina Satterfield; Mike Hoffman and family; Jackie and Bradshaw Stanley; Mary Margaret Myers; Dee Crayton; Betty Little; Manuel Kennedy; Barbara Kennedy and family; Elsie Erneston; Will Farquharson; Susan Campbell; Ray McNeely; Tina Coelho; Christopher; Sean Casey; Blanche Griffith; Margie Komito; Perry Mixter; Lorrell Meloy; of those affected by the Coronavirus, and those who care for them.

For those who have died: Otis Small, Sr.; Noelle Wilson.

In the St. Peter’s Cycle of Prayer we remember each parish household in prayer daily during the coming week: Bryan and Ashley McSwain; Joe and Sally Williamson; Catharine White; Margaret and Nicolas Haigh; Carolyn Carlburg; Andy, Katie and Rese Poegel; Sam Gardner and Jim DiMartino.

Prayer Requests. To submit a prayer request for the Prayer List, you may complete the “Prayer Request” card in the pew rack, contact Clergy Assistant Michael Talbert using our Contact Form, or start a Prayer Request right now. Names of persons, who have given consent for names to be printed, will be listed for two weeks, unless a longer period is requested. Intercessions are offered during Sunday and weekday worship, and daily by the Clergy and Pastoral Care Team.