Prayers and Prayer Requests

For the week ending Aptil 2nd we are praying for…

For friends of the parish: Ricky Brooks; Phil Connolly; Dana, Jennifer, and Arly; Brannon Warn-Johnston; Marcos Perez; Anna Aceti; Judy Havard; Pat Bice; David McCaffrey; Fr Marc Jacobson; Iris; Jimmy; the Nashville community.

For members of the parish: The Reverend Julie Clarkson; Tina Coelho; Betty Little; Dick Markel; Mary Margaret Myers; Amber and Scott Holbrook; John and William; Rick Harper.

For those who have died: Don Philemon; Mary Anna Turner; Dale Halton; those who died at Covenant School and all who die under situations of violence.

In the St. Peter’s Cycle of Prayer throughout the year, we remember each parish household on the prayer list, and during the coming week, we pray for Ann Hinson; Erwin and Will Hinson; Irma Hoffman; Katie Clare Hoffman; Mike Hoffman; John Hoke and Patricia Massey Hoke, Max, Walt, and Jack Hoke; Stuart Hoke; Scott, Amber, and Rowan Holbrook; Marta and Colin Holden; Haley Peck and Coker Holmes.

Prayer Requests. To submit a prayer request for the Prayer List, you may complete the “Prayer Request” card in the pew rack, contact Clergy Assistant Michael Talbert using our Contact Form, or start a Prayer Request right now. Names of persons, who have given consent for their names to be printed, will be listed for four weeks, and will be included in spoken prayers for two weeks, unless a longer period is requested. Intercessions are offered during Sunday and weekday worship, and daily by the Clergy and Pastoral Care Team.