Prayers and Prayer Requests

For the week ending August 2 we are praying for…

For friends of the parish: Margie; Betty; Charlotte; Donna, John, Caroline and Victoria; Kathleen and Bob; Lou; Carl, Jr.; Fran; Chris Hinson; Sarah; Susanne Newton; Bill; Sheri; Kyle Satterwhite and family; Francis; Fred and Laura; Stonie and Wayne; Elizabeth Homer; Kate and Roger Williams; Shirley; Alexia Forbes; Christian; Bill and Julie; Nancy Ring; Libby McManis; Randy and Randi Whitlow; Maria Rodriguez and family; Kirk Jones; Sadie; Jamari Mack; Joan Gross; Kennedy Gray; Kendall Brooks; Celia Vitale Kucera; Nicole Clayton and family; Anne Hull; Rosemary Bivins; Tim; Carol Burr and family; Vickie Young; Don Shiffler; Kevin Westerfield; Benjamin Gibson; Hy Agan; Anne; Wanda Kellner; Julia Bellew; Natasha Boyd; Toni and José Rios; Kristen Hutto Teeters; John and Brandie Evans; Judy & Steven Havard; Jimmy Patterson; Joe Strafaci; Clifford King; Rick Baker; Cynthia Kelding; Dot Mings; Betsy.

For members of the parish: Bill Pfischner; The Reverend Julie Clarkson; Don Philemon; Mildred Campbell; Norma Carroll; Mary Griffin; Bobby Ferguson; Rob Carpenter; Mary Anna Turner; Kristine Wade; Whitney Wade; Marion Byrnes; Tina Coelho; Michael Wright; Lydia Gittens; Lynn; Jeanette Arndt; Betty Little; Trissy Lomax; JB and Brandon Thompson; Marie Robertson; Frank Steele; Gloria Cooper; Steve Thomas; Joyce Warner; Mary Wright; Michael Spivey; Carol Bartos; Betty Payne; Rick Harper; Ray McNeely; Vent Casey, III; Will and Erwin Hinson; the David family; Anna-Katherine Howell; Brian Griffin; Susan Dosier; Chuck Maye; Pat and Dick Markel; Linda Gallehugh; Callina Satterfield; Tony Craghead; Mike Hoffman and family; Jackie and Bradshaw Stanley; Mary Margaret Myers; Will Farquharson; Dee Crayton; Betty Little; Barbara Kennedy; Manuel Kennedy; Clint Summers; all of those affected by the Coronavirus, and those who care for them.

In memory of those who have died: Arthur Page III; Jeanette Rhone; Xantrece Washington; Pris Baker.

In thanksgiving for the Eucharistic Supplies given to the glory of God.

In the St. Peter’s Cycle of Prayer we remember each parish household in prayer daily during the coming week: Evette Guine-Paige; Wesley Thompson and Trey Owen; Quentin, Leighton, Ellis, and Emelin Fogan; Brooks, Jennifer, and Logan Luquire; John Hall and Robbie Howell; Battle Beasley; Barbara Brown; Hannah Craighill; John Thompson; George Waterhouse.

Prayer Requests. To submit a prayer request for the Prayer List, you may complete the “Prayer Request” card in the pew rack, contact Clergy Assistant Michael Talbert using our Contact Form, or start a Prayer Request right now. Names of persons, who have given consent for names to be printed, will be listed for two weeks, unless a longer period is requested. Intercessions are offered during Sunday and weekday worship, and daily by the Clergy and Pastoral Care Team.