Social Justice

The focus of the Social Justice Ministry at St. Peter’s is on fair and equitable laws, measures, and policy reforms which promote systemic change and the benefits of a just society for individuals and groups, especially those who have been historically underrepresented or discriminated against. Our activities are geared toward providing education, information, and training to better equip those who wish to change their own behaviors as well as advocate for policies and practices that promote equal opportunity and equitable treatment. The following pillars help to organize the focus of our ministry, understanding that because of intersectionality, no pillar is mutually exclusive. 

Affordable Housing and Economic Disparity

Affordable Housing and Economic Disparity is focused on helping members understand how years of government policies around housing have led to racial segregation and ultimately, to the current affordable housing crisis and economic disparity that our nation and city are struggling to address.   Through education, the hope is that members can become effective advocates to help drive the changes that are needed to begin making progress. Income inequality, lack of affordable healthcare, and school re-segregation, are examples of disparate and inequitable outcomes that exist because of sanctioned policies and practices around housing.

Social Justice in Action

Past Programs

Here are just a few things we have been involved in

Photo Gallery

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Film Nights

We offer monthly film nights to the Charlotte community

Call to Action: Episcopal Public Policy Network

Sign up by clicking here to join this “grassroots network of Episcopalians across the country dedicated to carrying out the Baptismal Covenant call to ‘strive for Justice and peace’ though the active ministry of public policy advocacy. This resource contains action alerts for a broad range of current legislation and policy issues. It is provided by the Office of Government Relations which represents the Episcopal Church’s public policy positions.

Join us on the journey of the parish vision “to be a place of unconditional welcome and a beacon of God’s love in the heart of Charlotte.” Members of St. Peter’s are welcome to join the Social Justice Ministry and participate in the planning, leading, or implementing of any programs or activities related to social justice issues, particularly those related to the aforementioned pillars.

The leadership team meets monthly and the meetings are open to anyone interested in addressing social justice policy issues – local, state, or national – which impact the lives of people and suggest the need for engagement. There is much to do, and we enjoy building relationships as we do it!


For more information or interest in getting involved, please contact us at

Co-chairs – Gwen High & Jason Gingras