Strategic Plan: 2019-2022

Our Mission

To nurture a community of courageous followers of Jesus and inspire love of God and love of neighbor.

Our Vision

To be a place of unconditional welcome and a beacon of God’s love in the heart of Charlotte.

Goal 1: Our Faith

Worship, music, liturgy, and formation.

  • Explore and pilot additional worship opportunities incorporating a diverse range of liturgical and musical styles.
  • Strengthen and expand adult, youth, and children’s formation opportunities.

Goal 2: Our Community

Inclusion, belonging, and congregational engagement.

  • Create more opportunities for members, neighbors, and visitors to engage in the life of the church and form strong, supportive relationships.
  • Establish a sustainable culture of unconditional welcome and belonging for all visitors and newcomers.

Goal 3: Our World

Outreach, social justice, service, and impact.

  • Deepen St. Peter’s outreach and social justice impact by more precisely focusing grants, engagement, and partnerships.
  • Engage parishioners more deeply in a wider range of outreach, social justice, and service opportunities.

Goal 4: Our Home

Staff, sacred spaces, and accessibility.

  • Support the clergy and staff by adding staff positions, offering competitive compensation, and expanding continuing education opportunities.
  • Complete critical building repairs and deferred maintenance to ensure the legacy of our historic and sacred spaces for future generations.
  • Enhance church and parish house spaces to reflect our diversity and inclusion values and to improve physical accessibility and functionality.