Lay Leadership

The elected lay leadership or Vestry of St. Peter’s consists of twelve parishioners serving in a variety of ministry areas. A Vestry member is elected for a three-year term at the Annual Meeting of the Parish. Vestry Meetings are held monthly in the Parish House Library and are open to all members. Learn more about St. Peter’s Vestry and system of ministry areas and leadership roles.

Susan Cooper
Brian Gallagher
Will Burton-Edwards
John Buric

Paul Keller

Peter Morgan
Charmaine Welch
Mary Virginia Woodall
Steve Bentley
Ginny Brien
Elsie Erneston
Gary Wald

Class of 2024

Will Burton-Edwards (Worship and Music)
Charmaine Welch, Junior Warden (Property)
Mary Virginia Woodall (Congregational Engagement)
Gary Wald

Class of 2025

Steve Bentley, Senior Warden (Administration)
Ginny Brien, Clerk (Pastoral Care)
Elsie Erneston (Outreach)
Paul Keller (Formation)

Class of 2026

John Buric (Stewardship)
Susan Cooper (Fellowship and Parish Life)
Brian Gallagher (Social Justice)
Peter Morgan (Parents and Families)