Lay Leadership

Pictured above, the 2020 Vestry after installation on Sunday, January 12. Chris Cudabac, Patricia Massey Hoke, Erin Chantry, Marcus Clarke, Chase Branham, Mary Lynn Sepkowitz, Tony Craghead, John Buric, Mike Hoffman, Vera Greene, Ellison Clary, The Reverend Jacob E. Pierce, The Reverend Amanda C. Stephenson, Harris Holt.

The elected lay leadership or Vestry of St. Peter’s consists of twelve parishioners serving in a variety of ministry areas. A Vestry member is elected for a three-year term at the Annual Meeting of the Parish. Vestry Meetings are held monthly, on the third Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. in the Parish House Library, and are open to all members. Learn more about St. Peter’s Vestry and system of ministry areas and leadership roles.

Vestry Coordinators for Parish Ministry Areas. During the January 11 Vestry Retreat, the Wardens, Vestry, Treasurer, and Clergy determined who will serve as Coordinators for our several ministry areas and partner with their respective ministry area teams. To learn about a particular area and get involved, use our Contact Form to learn more or reach a member of the staff or vestry.

Class of 2020

Marcus Clarke (Senior Warden, Administration)
Ellison Clary (Stewardship)
Mike Hoffman (Junior Warden, Buildings and Grounds)
Mary Lynn Sepkowitz (Christian Formation)

Class of 2021

John Buric (Stewardship)
Erin Chantry (Clerk, Parents and Families)
Vera Greene (Outreach)
Harris Holt (Fellowship and Parish Life)

Class of 2022

Chase Branham (Worship and Music)
Tony Craghead (Pastoral Care)
Chris Cudabac (Congregational Engagement)
Patricia Massey Hoke (Social Justice)