It is essential that leaders encourage young people (and their parents!) to see Confirmation as a choice that is set before them. Confirmation is an adult decision of faith, and as teens do the difficult and engrossing work of J2A, they are becoming more and more ready to make that choice. In close consultation with our clergy, our Youth Director and the YAC leaders prepare the young people for Confirmation, which occurs during the first YAC year. We find that the two years of Rite-13, the two years of J2A plus the year of Pilgrimage preparation provide a solid foundation upon which to build for Confirmation. Preparation is provided for as a group – the entire YAC class takes part in the lessons and discussions – and then each member has a chance to make his or her own decision. The curriculum includes “confirmation topics” during the entire five year process such as what the church believes, what our creeds teach us, how we integrate our faith and everyday life, etc. The remainder of the YAC years are spent in Bible study, learning about the religions of the world and how to be accepting of others yet understanding how they inform us as Christians, doing outreach and inreach together and individually, and last but certainly not least, resting in the love and acceptance of each other and their leaders. With the overwhelming busy-ness and stress of the junior and senior years of high school, the rigors of overwhelming organized activities and sports, we have discovered that our older teens,  from time to time, need simply to be present for and with one another and to be accepted just for whom they are in the moment. So, on occasion, we simply visit, catch up, laugh and love. And, we pray -for and with each of them regularly.

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